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Explore the confines of your imagination with this new collection from Chad A. Clark. A Shade for Every Season consists of over seventy tales, reaching into the horror and science fiction genres and beyond. The stories may be short, but the impact is not. Take a stroll through the dark and the macabre. Read of revenge, snatched back from beyond the grave, and monsters that will thrill and scare you. Travel into the furthest reaches and isolation of outer space. See what lies down inside the darkness, where sometimes doors are best left unopened. Experience the thrill of the narrative ­- in the time it takes to finish your morning coffee.
"Chad Clark's, "A Shade For Every Season" is a wonderfully constructed book of short vignettes that are a blend of suspense, thriller and murder and mayhem. It reminded me of the writing of Edgar Allan Poe and Dan Brown with the short story / short chapter style of writing that makes a fun read for the reader. While reading Clark's book, I couldn't help but thing that many of the stories could be adapted into either full length movies or episodes from a show like Tales from the Crypt, The Outer Limits or The Twilight Zone."
"Fantastic! each story is different, some are really really creepy while others will make you smile, They will make you look under the bed, drive past hitch hikers. Make sure you lock the doors and windows. There is something for everyone."
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