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Besides getting a monthly newsletter providing  all the latest news, you also get the following members-only benefits.

1. Receive an eBook exclusively created for subscribers. This collection features my novella, Down The Beaten Path, two short stories, Utopia and Falling To Dark as well as six works of flash fiction. 

2. In addition to the collection, choose any other book of mine and I will send a free eBook edtion to you. Note - I can only offer this for my books. not anthologies I have been featured in.

3. Whenever I publish a new book, I will randomly draw one winner from my subscribers who will get a free Kindle edition, before the book is released!

4. Gain access to an exclusive, private page with more information on projects in development. You can also use this page to sign up to be an advance reader for an upcoming book.




Click here or on the image above to check out my appearance on the Hypergraphia podcast, featuring the esteemed Jack Wallen and Jessica McHugh. Besides my own work, we also discuss books as well as issues like questionable anthology submission calls and our life-long rival, imposter syndrome. 
Click above to see a guest post I wrote for Apocalyptic Fiction-dot-com. My discussion covers my recent book, Behind Our Walls, including the inspirations for the book as well as my writing style in general.
Care to hear the dulcet tones of my actual voice? Check out this podcast interview I did in 2016 for my collection of flash fiction, A Shade For Ever Season. We discuss the book as well as my writing in a more general sense. Give it a listen if you're interested, my segment starts up right around the 3:45 mark.
Click either here or on the image
Check out this conversation I had with British Fantasy Award nominated author, Rich Hawkins. We discuss writing craft as well as my books and my process. Click here to take a peek or click on the image above.
Click on the image above to see an interview I conducted on the art and craft or writing as well as the experience of being a writer.
I conducted this interview with Fiona Mcvie for her blog. We discuss books, how I got started as a writer, my writing process as well as advice I might have for others getting into the craft. Click here or on the image above.
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