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Nestled away in the suburban landscape of chain restaurants and clothing stores stands a building, a facility for the treatment of those who happen to be brought in through its front doors. Few take note of it and what patients are brought here are safely tucked away from society, left alone to suffer through what is considered treatment in this place.

What is happening behind these stone walls is an offense to the rational. And after being sent here in the wake of a failed suicide attempt, one patient will discover first hand the horrors that await her.

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A disgraced scientist has gone missing, lost within the mania of his own obsessed explorations. After being enlisted by his daughter to help, a former colleague endeavors to locate him. What he finds is a crazed collection of scribbled observations, hints of other worlds and of something which may pose a threat to all life, everywhere.

Through The Slip is a prequel to Chad A. Clark's apocalyptic novella, The Child At The End Of Time. Included as bonus content, read the first chapter here!

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June came to the city on the back of hopes and dreams.

Now, a year later, she finds herself having to confront the reality of her failures, of the inability of her talent to raise her any higher than the levels of abject despair and poverty. Ready to call it a day, she makes the decision to travel back to her small town Michigan home in the least conventional way possible.

She decides to walk home.

In the course of her long journey, in her most vulnerable and solitary moments, she finds what she had come to believe no longer existed. She finds kindness. She finds generosity.

She finds the promise of all things that still could be possible.

AUTHOR'S NOTE - This story was originally published in the collection, Borrowed Time: And Other Tales. It is presented here as a standalone title, following some additional, minor editorial attention.

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The world is a wasteland. Built on the skeletal remains of what once thrived and breathed. 

Now, in the rubble of a society long dead, a small group of survivors is out foraging for what supplies are left to be found. Their explorations will lead to a fatal confrontation as their paths cross with one young man with a death wish. The story of what drove him to that place on that day is one that will change their outlook forever on their increasingly dark existence on the landscape of a newly alien world.

Author's note : This story was originally published in the collection, Borrowed Time : And Other Tales and again in the first editions of the novel, Behind Our Walls. This title is a combined product of both of those versions.

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"I can confidently say that Falling To Dark is one of the finest short stories I've ever read. It blends the supernatural with a dash of extreme to create a thrilling tale.​"

Greg's night of desperately trying to keep from disappointing a loved one quickly descends into a nightmare of being in the worst place at the worst time. Following a conviction for a crime he did not commit, Greg is forced to endure over a year of his life in prison. When his sentence is finally overturned, he ends up on his own, trying to start his life over in a new city.

Unfortunately for him, his past may not be ready to let go.

NOTE : Falling To Dark was originally published in a collection of short stories, Borrowed Time : and other tales

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Grady has led a serene and perfect life within the Compounds, self-sustaining living units that are sealed off from the rest of the world. His existence has been comfortable, having never wanted or desired anything that wasn't provided for him.

All of that is about to change.

NOTE : Utopia was originally published in a collection of short stories, Borrowed Time : and other tales

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