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The end of the world began without warning, without ceremony. Earth finds itself under global assault from an enemy it can't define or understand. Their motivations are a mystery. Their intent is unknown. No demands have been made. An army sweeps the planet, destroying as it goes, leaving nothing behind. And through it all, the people of Earth are only offered one statement of obscure purpose from those that would bring about their end.

"The Child, she is risen."
"I never thought I could be as monstrously affected by an end-of-the-world scenario as I was by Philip Wylie' s TOMORROW, which I read when I was about 10. {Under the Dome sure didn't affect me that way.} Along comes Mr. Chad Clark, predicating an absolutely implacably horrific end-time--not just of humanity, but of anything of civilization...and the End comes from Out There. No, not aliens. From Beyond. H. P. Lovecraft is surely applauding from his interment."
"Subtle at time and full force in your face. A balance a lot of other writers tend to struggle with. If you're hunting for something along the sub-genre of end-times, but you also want it to be enjoyable to read, AND with a spellbinding story, look no further."
"I'm becoming a very big fan of Chad Clark. Every book i've read really impresses me. This is my favourite so far, and this apocalyptic tale is fantastic. Alien invasion, and global destruction!
Just my cup of tea. Great dialogue, superb characters, and a superbly exciting story."
"Chad Clark, you have genuinely scared the hell out of me to the point where I couldn’t write a review for two weeks because I was too scared to."
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