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For over forty years, Stephen King has been one of the biggest names in literature and popular culture.

In 2013, author and Constant Reader Chad A. Clark embarked on a journey, not of miles but of pages and words, reading all of Stephen King's works. Every book and short story, in the order they were released.

What lies between these covers are his reflections along the way, the search for inspiration in a style of writing that has evolved over all this time. A trip from Castle Rock to the depths of Derry. From the Blasted Lands to the farthest reaches of Mid-World.

For all of us who have been lost in many a King book and pined for the chance to look him in the eyes and say, "We thank you."

With an introduction by Richard Chizmar

"...once I started I could not put the thing down. In the end I read it straight through over a few days and I cannot give this brilliant work higher praise than that. At first glance a whole bunch of reviews specifically on the works of Stephen King might not sound like the most riveting topic for any casual reader, but Clark genuinely brings the subject matter to life. In essence, this is much more than a collection of reviews and is a very personal journey through the fiction of an author who has dominated the horror landscape since the 1970s."

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"Personally, this novel served to reignite my passion for rereading the books I read so long ago."

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"This truly is an epic piece of work ... which neatly steers a direct course between the extremes of hagiography and demolition job to provide intelligent, thought-provoking and genuine analysis."

" of the finest works on Stephen King I've ever read."

"A fantastic journey through King’s body of work."

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