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A house in the mountains, the roads to and from it impassable. The perfect place for best-selling author Peter’s annual holiday; a refuge from the pressures of life and an opportunity to recharge his creative batteries in solitude.
A dream location.
Except this year, something else has taken residence on the snow-covered slopes, something filled with malignant intent and a desire to kill. Driven by impulses beyond its ken, it seeks out the house in which Peter is staying and the writer soon finds himself in a battle with the deadliest of foes, a creature born of nightmares…

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"Winter Holiday is a deeply satisfying adventure horror tale filled with exciting set pieces, heart-stopping pearls and enough blood and offal covered snow to make this another winner from Dark Minds Press."
"I've read a couple of Clark's books and enjoyed them immensely, this is no exception. If you like your books like you dig an evening film, then this will be right up your street. "
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