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Wendy and Rubin are on their way off for a weekend trip to spend with friends in the small, out-of-the-way town of Winward. But what should have been time spent reconnecting will instead become something much worse.

Something has happened in Winward. An act of violence which neither Wendy nor Rubin can fully comprehend. And immediately upon arriving in town, they are drawn into a sequence of events completely out of their control. Their lives are about to be turned inside-out, and for an act as innocent as crossing the town line.

The darkness of Winward lurks within.

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"The author who rocked my imagination with the ever-incredible CHILD AT THE END OF TIME has now given me another reason to sleep with all the lights on (or maybe not sleep at all)."
"Chad A. Clark's novella is a whirlwind tale that refuses to let up.  Clark wastes no time in dropping Wendy, Rubin and the reader into the action, and your feet will barely touch the floor during the course of this taut tale of terror. " 
"Winward is a brutal tale, but Clark never pushes it so far that the narrative becomes over the top or unbelievable, with a spectacular final set piece Clark ensures that Winward is an unyielding thriller that packs one hell of a hell of a punch. " 
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