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I know full well the financial challenges faced by authors. Any expense is a difficult one to bear so I would like to offer editing services at the affordable rate of $1.00 per thousand words.  Included in my proofreading, I will bring misspellings and grammar issues to your attention as well as suggestions where I think the prose could be made tighter and more effective. I will also pass along any global comments regarding the story itself that might come up in the course of my editing.


And as should likely be expected, this favorable rate comes with a number of preambles.

First, I will only accept one job at a time. Besides the obvious need to train my attention on one book instead of many, the fact is that I have a life which includes my family as well as my own writing. I can't allow editing to take over the store. If you are planning on using my services, just be prepared for the possibility of a wait time.

Second, relating to this, I will not accept rush jobs. Again, it's just me here and I want to make sure I have enough time to give your work its due attention. You should plan on me being able to get through 25,000 to 30,000 words a week. If you are coming up against a hard deadline, my services are not for you.

And finally, I offer my services with the understanding that while I will devote my highest attention to working on your document, mistakes are always a possibility. You are ultimately responsible for the book you publish. With that said, I will work with you for as long as it takes until you are happy with your book. Payment is not due until work is complete.

Ready to publish?

Let me take care of some of the busy work for you. Darker Worlds is offering formatting services. Give me your Word document and we will format it for you into either Kindle or paperback format for Createspace. 

Prices are as follows:

Format an eBook for Amazon : $20

Format a pdf file for Createspace : $20

Bundle both services together for $30


This is not an editing service. Darker Worlds can not be held responsible for the content and potential errors in your document. We will transfer the text, as-is. You are ultimately responsible for the document you upload to publish. We will work with you and take as many additional passes until you are happy with the end result. Payment is not due until work is completed.

Re-Formatting Services

Putting out a new edition of your book? Do you need to add new links or new material to your back-matter and you need a new kindle file?

For five dollars, I will add whatever new content you need and generate a new mobi file for you to upload to Amazon.

This is only available if you originally used my formatting services. I cannot go into files created by a third party and make changes. If you would like me to format a new edition for you and you have never worked with me before, you will have to pay the full price for formatting.


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