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“A short story is a different thing altogether – a short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger.” 

-stephen king


After years of trying to keep his life on the straight and narrow, impossible circumstances have led Warren back to a life of crime. The job he is given is a simple breaking and entering, with instructions to steal a mirror, once belonging to a renowned 
Spanish magician.

The Goblin Glass. 

And what should have been simple quickly proves to be anything but. And as Warren is drawn into a nightmarish house with his simple goal in sight, he begins to realize just how much he has put on the line.


Tragedy has befallen the Russian submarine, Ussuri. Without explanation, the vessel has been lost to the depths of the ocean, all hands aboard presumed lost. A team of deep-sea divers has been dispatched to investigate.

What they will discover is the infinity of depths and landscapes that become only more alien to them. And as the team themselves are stricken by yet another tragedy, they must face the increasing reality of the possibilities that lay below. That what awaits them could be the ultimate truth. Or madness.

Or both.

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The time has come.

It's Halloween, the night of the Edgar Allen Poe retrospective, bringing together all fans of the darker sides of our popular culture. And Amy is part of the cleaning crew that has been tasked with keeping the venue clean and orderly.

It is a time to celebrate one of the greatest authors of the modern era. But amongst the droves of fans and enthusiasts, one brief encounter will tip the whole night for her, spiraling her towards things she never would have thought possible.

And for Amy, the frail divide between sanity and insanity may cross completely over.


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